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Frequently Asked Questions: About The Organization

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What does the Freedom Food Alliance promote?

The Freedom Food Alliance is not founded on any ideology, and it promotes trustworthy and fact-based information that helps inform consumers about healthy and sustainable diets.

Who does the Freedom Food Alliance work and partner with?

The Freedom Food Alliance partners with organizations, experts, and institutions from a variety of backgrounds. If the mission is a transparent food system based on better information, we will always consider the partnership opportunity.

Why is the Freedom Food Alliance so focused on misinformation?

The Freedom Food Alliance is focused on misinformation due to its outsized impact on our food system and world. When consumers and policymakers are presented with transparent and science-backed information, they make better food choices.

How can my organization partner with the Freedom Food Alliance?

If you share a vision of a transparent and just food system that protects human and planetary health, reach out to us and we are happy to explore partnership and collaboration potential.