About The Freedom Food Alliance

Fighting misinformation.
Empowering consumers.
Creating root-level change.

We are an objective, science-backed alliance empowering consumers.

Our theory for change is that informed consumers make better decisions, both for their health and also for planetary health.

The problem today: Food misinformation sows confusion and doubt and intentionally deceives and threatens our food and ecological system. In 2024, the World Economic Forum rated Misinformation as the top global threat to civilization, ahead of extreme weather and environmental crises. We not only agree but actively address that through high-leverage projects.

Why it matters: Misinformation leads to consumers making uninformed food choices that harm not only their own family's health but the health of our entire ecosystem. And every food choice matters in a climate and ecological emergency. Our food choices today, and therefore food production, are leading to dozens of diet-related illnesses and environmental collapse. What could be worse than those two issues?

Our solution: Through our high-impact research, consumer platforms, advocacy and campaigning, we bring transparency, accountability, and credibility to the food system. By fighting disinformation and empowering all consumers, we bring root-level change to our food system. Nothing changes until food information and food culture change.

Our Values

The Freedom Food Alliance was created to benefit all consumers, including yourself. Misinformation affects us all, making it difficult for us to make healthy and sustainable food choices. As a neutral and science-based organization, we prioritize the needs of consumers and operate on three core principles: transparency, accountability, and respect.


Transparency is crucial for any system, especially our food system. In today's modern society, most of us, especially in the West, are so removed from our food system that we know very little about it. Therefore, it is essential to have transparency, which will enable us as consumers to make informed food choices. The technology available today can make this happen. Transparency is needed at all stages of growing, production, and marketing so that we can evaluate our food choices based on labor, soil, biodiversity, carbon, and water considerations.


When accountability breaks down, any system will break down. When it comes to our food system, all stakeholders are accountable to ensure that our food supply is nutritious and that the growing and production processes do not harm our ecological environment or biodiversity. It is time to hold stakeholders accountable for actions that go against our objective of optimizing nutrition and sustainability. A great place to start for food system accountability is with the information that is presented to consumers throughout their buying process.


Our food system currently fails to respect many important stakeholders involved in the process. This includes farmers, food system workers, wildlife, animals, consumers, and our ecological environment. It is therefore pivotal to build a food system that is built on respect. One that ensures that consumers are well-informed, growers and food system workers are valued and appreciated, and our planet and ecosystems are not harmed during the production process. It's time to respect all stakeholders in our food system, and that includes the consumer.

Keys to our approach

We believe several aspects of our approach are key to success in creating a fair, transparent, and sustainable food system.

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Industry-Wide Collaboration

We are an alliance and collaborate with any organization focused on informing the consumer, holding bad actors accountable, and delivering nutritious and sustainable food. Our partnerships make us stronger and grow our vision.

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Science-Backed Information

As we are not rooted in an ideology, we rely on diligent research that is always science-backed. We serve consumers, and they deserve expert-approved information to make informed food choices.

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Incentive-Based Work

Our food system will only change when organizations are held accountable for the information they provide. We work to incentivize and reward better industry practices and shed light on harmful industry practices.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated team at Freedom Food Alliance! Our diverse group of passionate individuals brings a wealth of experience and expertise, united by a shared commitment to promoting food justice and sustainable agriculture. We work collaboratively, driven by the belief that access to nutritious food is a fundamental right. Together, we strive to empower individuals and transform food systems, ensuring that freedom and food go hand in hand.

The Freedom Food Alliance