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Consumers hold more power than they realize to fix our broken food system. The Freedom Food Alliance fights misinformation and empowers people with the best science and expert alliances to create meaningful societal change.

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Misinformation is everywhere, and it is harming our food system.


Misinformation around nutrition leads consumers to make food choices that are harmful for them and their families.


Misinformation around food sustainability jeopardizes our ability to solve our environmental, biodiversity, and climate crises.


Misinformation affects our policymakers' ability to implement policy that can drive systemic change.


Misinformation in product packaging and advertising directly impacts consumers and their ability to make well-informed food choices.


Misinformation, especially aimed at children, alters their perception of food and makes later food education more difficult.

Industry Practices

Misinformation around industry practices, including labeling standards and value chains, distorts perception about what we are actually supporting.

Empowering consumers & fighting misinformation takes all of us.

Join the fight against misinformation in the food system and make your voice heard. Your contribution matters. Report any misinformation you come across here, and together let's combat this global issue.

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Digital advertising

Report misleading information seen on packaging, websites, social media, digital ads, supermarkets and news outlets and we'll look into it.

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Physical advertising

Report misinformation seen on billboards, magazines, newspapers, and other physical sites like supermarkets or stores.

Our Food System Is Broken.

And misinformation plays a fundamental role. It is a roadblock for helping us create a nutritious and sustainable food supply. It is important for consumers to know the facts, because without this education base, we make sub-optimal food choices.

of global emissions come from the food and agriculture system [Nature Food]
is the estimated total of the hidden costs of our food system
of global soil is moderately to highly degraded [UN FAO]
people globally may be obese by the year 2030 [WorldObesity]
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Our Work

We influence the food system by bringing better awareness, education, and information to consumers. We do this in the following ways:

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We provide consumers with interesting, informative, and easy-to-understand facts about their food choices. Our FoodFacts.org platform aggregates the most objective, scientifically-backed research and expert knowledge in the fields of nutrition and sustainability. All of our content is reviewed by experts, so we can cut through the noise of misinformation and conflicting research and go straight to the facts.

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Reports & Awards

We create and provide reports and resources to consumers to help them understand the true landscape of food information. Our widely-disseminated reports and awards on misinformation aim to educate consumers and encourage better industry practices around information. These resources also support policymakers and promote better policy decisions around our agrifood systems and advertising standards.

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Savvy Campaigns

We collaborate with NGOs, institutions and for-profit organizations to launch impactful awareness campaigns using cutting-edge design principles, behavioral psychology, and digital media. Our campaigns aim to bring about fundamental changes in the food system by educating consumers and motivating them to make more informed food choices. The primary focus areas of these campaigns are nutrition, sustainability, and food policy.

"Misinformation campaigns are an existential threat to global net zero goals, and a significant business risk for food companies looking to lower the GHG emissions footprint of their supply chains, which is why we need Freedom Food Alliance’s vital work more than ever."

Sonalie Figueiras
Green Queen Media
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"The meat industry’s misinformation tactics are even worse than the fossil fuel industry’s."

George Monbiot
Environmentalist & Thought Leader

"Misinformation in the food system has devastating climate and ecological impacts. The Freedom Food Alliance's work to improve food information for consumers is tackling one of the most fundamental issues our food system faces."

Dale Vince

What Are The Experts Saying?

Globally renowned environmentalists, media leaders, and nutritionists proudly back the Freedom Food Alliance and our mission to fight misinformation and empower the consumer.

Read our widely endorsed 2023/24 Misinformation Report that is supported by dozens of environmental and nutrition experts across the globe.

Make Informed Decisions. Get the Facts.

Backed by science and an alliance of experts, FoodFacts.org brings you the information you need to make informed food choices that are good for your health and the health of the planet.

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Who We Work For

The Freedom Food Alliance serves the interests of the consumer and many other stakeholders in the food system. The food system is not working for everyone, and we aim to change that. Our organization is neutral, science-driven, and has no hidden agenda. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has "food freedom" and can make informed decisions that are beneficial for them and for the entire food system.


Consumers are number one for us. We believe consumers make better decisions when they are factually informed. Unfortunately, the information system has been distorted by organizations with profit agendas. Between the FoodFacts.org platform, our misinformation reports and awards, and our high-impact campaigns, informing the consumer is central to our vision of a functioning food system. Consumers deserve better food information.

Wildlife & Ecosystems

Global wildlife and ecosystems have not been respected by our modern food system. We serve underrepresented stakeholders such as soil microbes, water, forests, animals, and insects by empowering consumers to make more deliberate food choices and by driving better systemic food and information policy.
We serve these stakeholders in every project and we bring their voice to each and every consumer purchase point.

Business For Good

We take pride in serving mission-led stakeholders, whether they are schools, cities, sustainable food startups, or farmer cooperatives. Each has an impactful role to play in a food system that prioritizes human and planetary health. Through our campaigns and other work, we support these stakeholders in achieving their food system goals and multiply the positive impact they create. It's time to recognize players creating a positive impact.