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Frequently Asked Questions: The Future Foods Manifesto

It is crucial that we collectively improve the information about our food system so that consumers can make informed food choices based on science. Better information benefits consumers, farmers, sustainable producers, and the planet.

What is the future foods manifesto?

We use thorough benchmarks internally to assess if what the public reports as misinformation is in fact misinformation. Every determination we make is science-backed.

What topics do you report misinformation on?

Our core focus areas are regarding sustainability and nutrition, but if misinformation is reported regarding policy or other food system elements, we review it.

Why is it necessary?

We do our best to follow up on all submissions, especially those that require more detail for us to make a determination. Please be patient due to our team's limited resources and the volume of submissions we receive.

What happens when you determine something to be misinformation?

If a submission has passed our rigorous process to be determined as misinformation, we include it in our reporting and depending on the severity, we also contact relevant stakeholder bodies that can enforce potential removal or penalty.

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